States Perspective

PrePass Member States

The PrePass system enables enforcement officials to electronically ensure motor carrier compliance with state weight, safety and credential requirements before vehicles reach state inspection facilities.

PrePass is provided at no cost to the state and without a long-term commitment. Carriers that voluntarily participate pay system deployment and maintenance costs through monthly fees. Upon authorization, PrePass can usually be deployed in 90 days. PrePass is a turnkey solution that requires no state development or maintenance. The system employs solid technology that guarantees correct signaling and reliability, and also maximizes the value of our nation’s huge investments in its existing infrastructure.

PrePass success would not be possible without the participation of member states.


  • Enables law enforcement officials to focus on carriers that are most likely to be noncompliant.
  • Rewards carriers with good safety records.
  • Prevents trucks from queuing on roadways and shoulders.
  • Reduces lane changing and merging around weigh stations.
  • Gives carriers a major incentive to conform to safety regulations and credential requirements.
  • Increases facility efficiency by allowing carriers to be electronically screened and to bypass inspection facilities and ports-of-entry based on state criteria.
  • Provides electronic monitoring of daily, monthly, and annual truck traffic volume.


  • More efficient use of highways and commercial vehicle inspection facilities.
  • Increased motor carrier productivity and shipper efficiency.
  • Enhanced customer service as government carries out regulatory responsibilities at a lower cost with a higher degree of efficiency.
  • Improved public safety as more bad drivers and unsafe trucks are removed from the road.
  • Support of CVISN and other federal core initiatives.