PrePass and PrePass Plus Coverage Map
PrePass currently has 310 committed and operational bypass sites and we continue to grow.
PrePass Plus enables carriers with PrePass to electronically pay tolls at hundreds of E-ZPass facilities in 15 states.
With more sites and states, PrePass is an option for more carriers than ever before.
We’re well on our way to providing continuous coverage across the country.


E-ZPass daily toll transactions are now available online to PrePass Plus and Tolls Only customers! Simply log into your account to access your current information!

The Nation’s Weigh Station Bypass System
PrePass allows participating transponder-equipped commercial vehicles to bypass designated weigh stations, port-of-entry facilities and agricultural interdiction facilities. Cleared vehicles may proceed at highway speed, eliminating the need to stop. That means greater efficiency for shippers and improved safety for all highway users.

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As of January 2016
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PrePass System Growth
As of April 25th, 2016
Carrier Accounts.................... 77,216
Enrolled Trucks.................... 547,599
This indicates the total number of accounts and vehicles enrolled in the PrePass system.