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What is PrePass Gates?

PrePass Gates is a comprehensive, fully integrated gate control access management system that allows drivers to enter and exit controlled-access terminal yards or parking areas utilizing the same PrePass transponders used to bypass weigh stations. As a hosted enterprise solution, all of the data used and collected by PrePass Gates is secured and available to any number of authorized users via any computer with Internet access.


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  PrePass Gates equipped vehicle approaches entrance or exit gate.      PrePass Gates software verifies vehicle information and sends signal to open gate for approved vehicles.
  Overhead antenna reads transponder and transmits vehicle information to PrePass Gates software.   Gate opens and approved vehicle passes through gate.

  What does PrePass Gates do?

  • Eliminates the costs of manning gates at terminals
  • Utilizes the PrePass transponders that are already in your vehicles
  • Grants entry/exit to parking lots, maintenance, or other commercial vehicle facilities
  • Tracks date and time for all vehicles and trailers entering or departing your terminals
  • Enables fleet managers to track and control fleet assets and increase security within the truck terminals
  • Allows authorized users from local or remote locations to generate reports, perform gate operations and general administration of system database

 What are the benefits of PrePass Gates?

  • Streamlines operational support through a single business contact
  • Interfaces with existing fleet management software
  • Reduces cost and infrastructure; a single transponder serving multiple functions
  • Hosted enterprise solution allows customers to manage terminal access for multiple facilities from one centralized location