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What Is PrePass Plus?

PrePass Plus enhances the PrePass weigh station bypassing service by enabling drivers to not only bypass hundreds of PrePass-equipped weigh stations nationwide, but also pay their bridge and toll road fees electronically at E‑ZPass electronic toll collection (ETC) facilities, all using a single transponder.

This union of PrePass and E‑ZPass eliminates the burden of maintaining separate accounts, pre-paid credit balances, and multiple transponder inventories.  PrePass manages everything for you: providing consolidated technology, post-paid invoicing, and a single point of contact for all your account needs.

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  At toll facilities, trucks enrolled in PrePass Plus may pass through 'E‑ZPass Only' toll lanes.  The assigned fusion transponders, which mount easily onto the vehicles’ windshields, will function at both E‑ZPass and PrePass sites (click here for details on how PrePass works).
  As the vehicles proceed through the toll facility, the transponders are scanned by an antenna, and the appropriate toll withdrawn from the HELP, Inc. PrePass Plus account.  At some facilities, gates will rise when transponders are read.  Unlike at PrePass weigh stations, the transponders will not light up or give any signal when scanned.
   A sophisticated automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system is in place to identify violators (e.g. those travelling faster than posted speed limits, using a transponder encoded for a different type of vehicle, etc).  If you receive any violations, the PrePass Service Center will be your point of contact for resolution.
   A traffic signal and/or message will normally be displayed just beyond the toll booth, indicating whether the toll has been properly assessed.  PrePass will then regularly send you a post-paid invoice for the sum of the toll charges incurred by your vehicles.