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Virginia Smart Tag

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Virginia Smart Tag
West Virginia Turnpike
Toll Plaza Image
16CE: Chesapeake,South
17CE: Chesapeake,North
18CE: Chesapeake,Disc
42POC: MLT East
43POC: Express Lanes East
44POC: Express Lanes West
45POC: MLT West
46POC: Laburnum Avenue Entry Ramp
47POC: Laburnum Avenue Exit Ramp
48POC: Airport Exit
49POC: Airport Entr
52CB: Gloucester N
61DTR: Sully Rd, South
63DTR: Sully Rd, West
64DTR: Sully Rd, East
65DTR: Centrevil, West
66DTR: Centrevil, East
67DTR: Fairfax Pk,West
68DTR: Fairfax Pk,East
69DTR: Reston Pk, West
70DTR: Reston Pk, East
71DTR: Wiehle Av, West
72DTR: Wiehle Av, East
73DTR: Hunter Ml, West
74DTR: Hunter Ml, East
75DTR: Main Line, Alt
76DTR: Route 7, East
77DTR: Main Line, West
78DTR: Main Line, East
79DTR: Spring Hl, West
80DTR: Spring Hl, East
81DTR: Capital, West
82DTR: Capital, East
91PW: Mainline
92PW: Courthouse 653
93PW: Midlothian 60
94PW: Mainline Ramps
101GW: Greenway (M)
102GW: Rt 606, West
103GW: Rt 606, East
104GW: Rt 772, West
105GW: Rt 772, East
106GW: Claiborne, West
107GW: Claiborne, East
108GW: Rt 659, West
109GW: Rt 659, East
110GW: Rt 607, West
111GW: Rt 607, East
120GW: Greenway, Disc